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1. Does your company test products and/or their ingredients/raw materials on animals?

No, we have never, never conducted any animal testing and our formulas are considered vegan. The only testing we have done has been by a dermatologist. TAY formulas are considered extremely safe by herbalists and every single formula is dermatologist-approved.

2. Do third parties on the behalf of your company and/or your suppliers test products and/or ingredients/raw materials on animals?

No, we do not perform any animal testing at all. It is not part of our company vision.

We work directly with our suppliers and one of our first questions, when starting a relationship with the farmers, is making sure that they do not do animal testing. This is something we make clear at the very beginning. We also do extensive procurement to make sure our formulas do not contain any animal products and are gluten-free.

3. Is your company affiliated with an enterprise that is testing on animals?

No, not at all. TAY is an independent company and therefore we can set our own policies that do not harm any animals.

4. Are your products sold in China?

Ah, this is a very insightful question. Our answer is ’no‘.

5. Are (some of) your products vegan-friendly, i.e. do not contain any sort of animal ingredient or by-product (e.g. beeswax, honey, carmine, gelatine, keratin, fish scales, etc.)

We do consider our formulas to be vegan-friendly. When we do use glycerin, we used a vegetable-based ingredient for this. Or if a formula needs the texture of something like a beeswax, we use candelilla wax. The great thing about today’s research and knowledge about essential oils and botanical extracts is that there are many ways to substitute animal products today. TAY certainly does not contain gelantine, carmin, lanoline, beeswax, honey or fish scales.

(Last update: 05/2013)

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