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johnmastersorganics„Hello Daniela,

Please see below for the answers to your questions. Thank you.

1. Does your company test products and/or their ingredients/raw materials on animals?
No. John Masters is an animal lover and activist. He does not and will not test products on animals nor will he use any ingredients or raw materials that does. It goes completely against his philosophy.

2. Do third parties on the behalf of your company and/or your suppliers test products and/or ingredients/raw materials on animals?
No. John Masters will not work with or employ any 3rd parties he knows who will test on animals.

3. Is your company affiliated with an enterprise that is testing on animals?

4. Are your products sold in China?

5. Are (some of) your products vegan-friendly, i.e. do not contain any sort of animal ingredient or by-product (e.g. beeswax, honey, carmine, gelatine, keratin, fish scales, etc.)
Yes. Please see attachment for list of vegan and non-vegan products.

John Masters Organics“

Betreffend China habe ich noch einmal nachgefragt, denn die gesetzlich vorgeschriebenen Tierversuche gelten nur für Festland China, nicht jedoch für Taiwan, Hongkong, etc. und ich hatte aufgrund anderer Quellen eigentlich gedacht, dass JM „clean“ ist:

Hi _,
thanks so much for your response and your time to answer all my questions.
I’m glad John Masters takes a cruelty-free philosophy so very seriously.
Concerning my question on the availabilty in China: you confirmed that John Masters is available in China. Is this only Hongkong/Taiwan or also mainland China? As you might know that for all cosmetic products sold in mainland China animal testing is required by the current law. Also I could not find China in your „FIND“ section on your website.
I hope you could help me with the clarification of that concern.
Thanks a lot,


John Masters hat mit folgendem Statement für mich grünes Licht gegeben:

„Hello Daniela,You are correct. John Masters Organics is only sold in Hong Kong and Taiwan. John Masters Organics is sold in Hong Kong mainly in shopping centers in Kawloon as well as Taipei, Taiwan. Our distributor for East Asia is Styla Inc.

John Masters Organics“

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